The Drone command line tools are used to interact with the Drone from the command line, and provide important utilities for managing users and repository settings.

Binary Downloads

Download and install the raw binaries by platform:

Platform Download Verify
Linux x64 tarball checksum
Linux arm64 tarball checksum
Linux arm tarball checksum
Windows x64 tarball checksum
Darwin x64 tarball checksum
Darwin arm64 tarball checksum

Install on Linux

  • Download and install on Linux:

    $ curl -L | tar zx
    $ sudo install -t /usr/local/bin drone

Install on OSX

  • Download and install on OSX:

    $ curl -L | tar zx
    $ sudo cp drone /usr/local/bin
  • Or download and install on OSX using Homebrew:

    $ brew tap drone/drone
    $ brew install drone

Install on Windows

  • Download and install on Windows using scoop:

    $ scoop install drone