Gitness vs Drone

What is the future of Drone?

We recently announced the next major version of Drone – rebranded as Gitness. With this change we are adding native Source Control Management capabilities, which includes support for essential features like code hosting, pull requests, code reviews and more.

This is a major evolution of Drone, from Continuous Integration to a full fledged Developer Platform. Learn more at

Can I still use Drone?

Yes. Gitness is the next major version of Drone, however, Gitness is still in Beta and under active development. You should continue using the latest stable version of Drone for production installations until a stable release of Gitness is available.

Will I be forced to use Gitness for code hosting?

No. We plan to support Gitness pipelines for all major code hosting providers, including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gitea, Gogs, and Azure Devops.

Will Drone pipelines work with Gitness?

Yes. We plan to make Gitness fully backward compatible with Drone.

Will Drone plugins work with Gitness?


Will Drone extensions work with Gitness?

Yes. We are planning to continue support for extensions. We are also evaluating native support for popular extensions, such as the paths changed extension.

Will Gitness maintain API compatibility with Drone?

We will investigate creating a compatibility layer.

Will upgrading to Gitness require a complex migration?

No. We plan to provide a seamless upgrade experience. Because Gitness is the next major version of Drone, upgrading to Gitness should be no different than upgrading to a newer version of Drone.

When should I upgrade from Drone to Gitness?

Gitness is currently available in Beta and should be used for preview purposes only. We will recommend upgrading to Gitness once a stable release is published. The requirement for publishing a stable release is full backward compatibility with Drone 2.x and a seamless upgrade experience.

Will this impact my existing Drone Enterprise contract?

No. There will be no impact to the enterprise offering. You will still require an enterprise plan to use enterprise features.

Where is the Drone source code?

Gitness development is taking place in the main branch. Drone 2.x development and maintenance is taking place in the drone branch.

Why is Gitness hosted on GitHub?

We use Gitness to develop Gitness. We also mirror our code on GitHub. We do this because we want to build a community which means we need to meet developers where they exist today. We are therefore happy to accept pull requests and feature requests via GitHub.